C) Municipal

A) City of Ottawa – By-law #2003-77 Respecting Animal Care and Control

Number of allowable cats (5) and dogs (3); cat and dog registration; stoop and scup law; lost and found pets; dogs in park (leashed and unleashed); clean and sanitary environment; adequate care, food, water, shelter, opportunity for physical activity; kennel information; infractions provide for fines under the Provincial Offences Act (Ontario); enforced by OSPCA; impoundment ($45/ day – dogs , $35/day cats) in which redemption must be within 3 days; Dog bites under a Director and a hearing by the Animal Control Tribunal; all sentencing under the Provincial Offences Act plus prohibition from owning; Fees set out in Schedule A; Schedule B –“prohibited animals”; Livestock Pounds – Leo’s and McWilliams

B) Ottawa By-Law No. 2002-344-Discharge of Firearms
Feral Cats