Guide Dogs


The Blind Person's Rights Act (Revised Statutes of Ontario, 1990) - Chapter B.7; Regulation 83 (Revised Regulation of Ontario, 1990)

Ontario laws guarantee a blind person the legal right to be accompanied by a specially trained dog guide in all public accommodations and facilities. No extra charge can be levied because of the dog's presence. A dog guide user is also guaranteed the right to equal housing accommodations, and no special terms or conditions can be imposed because of the dog's presence. The Attorney General is authorized to issue to dog guide users a special identification card, which is prima facie evidence that a dog has been specially trained. The identification cards issued by dog guide schools to their graduates also are appropriate evidence of such training.

Public accommodations and facilities include stores, restaurants, taverns, hotels, and common carriers such as trains, buses, and taxis, and other conveyances, as well as any other place or facility to which the public customarily is invited. (Sect. 2)